Mobilizing To #DefendTheDeep

What it’s going to take to build momentum for a moratorium and how you can take action


Ways to galvanize momentum for a moratorium is supporting a circular economy, changing consumer behavior, as well as innovating and funding alternatives. Examples of this truly sustainable and absolutely obtainable world exist today, from hydrogen fuel cell engines to start-up recycling companies like Redwood Materials (started by a former co-founder of Tesla). Bottom line: we don’t need deep-sea mining minerals. We need to drive, support, and invest in a future that prioritizes circularity and innovation over extraction. 

To further move the needle and secure a moratorium consider corporate engagement. Once the deep-sea mining industry takes-off, it may be impossible to stop. Just look at the oil and gas industry. It’s critical that corporations who might use these minerals stand up and say publicly, “We don’t want these conflict minerals from the deep-sea in our supply chains.” 

Lastly, public support is vital to stirring up momentum for a moratorium. The deep-sea and its resources are defined by the UN Law of the Sea Treaty as the “common heritage of mankind.” Whether people know it or not, each person has a stake in this issue and, with that, an opportunity to become their own advocate. Right now, a handful of special interests are attempting to determine the fate of the deep-sea, and not enough voices of the opposition are being represented. It’s time for people to become their own advocates, engage with their realm of influence like family, friends and social networks, and most significantly, their local and national representatives.

Become a #DefendTheDeep champion with these three easy action items!

Want to take it to the next level? Share the letter with your network, local leaders, and send it to your national representatives. Let us know, we can help! 

Want to take it to the next level? Visit the DSCC’s call to action page to learn more or explore becoming a SOA Young Ocean Leader

  • Engage with your favorite gadget company. We made it easy for you, send this tweet to Elon Musk!

@ElonMusk there is scientific consensus: #DeepSeaMining will cause irreparable harm to our #ocean – our planet’s life support system. Minerals from the deep-sea are #ConflictMinerals. Join us and stand for science and current and future generations, in calling for a moratorium to #DefendTheDeep.

Want to take it to the next level? Write a letter to your technology or automobile company of choice (ie. Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, BMW, etc.)

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Together, let’s #DefendTheDeep so the ocean and humanity can thrive for generations to come.

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