TOP’s 10 Favorite Eco-Warriors in Australia


Although Australia regularly experiences a summer fire season, last year’s bushfires were the worst in decades, ravaging large swaths of its stunning natural landscape for more than six months straight. The effects were grim—the fires destroyed homes and took the lives of many people and up to a billion animals—and many point to climate change as a cause for exacerbating this ecological disaster.

As the country slowly gets back on its feet, the eco crusaders who call the Land Down Under home are more impassioned than ever about how our actions have consequences that echo throughout time. Countless young Australians are taking to social media, raising awareness about dire environmental issues and empowering us all to create change in our own communities. Keep reading to learn about TOP’s 10 Eco-Warriors leading the way for climate justice in Australia.

Clare Press

As a podcaster, fashion editor, author, and public speaker, Clare Press is the go-to expert in the world of sustainable, ethical fashion. This passionate activist has written three books on sustainable style, and she was even named Vogue’s first-ever sustainability editor. As the global ambassador for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular initiative, she’s also a member of various advisory boards dedicated to sustainable fashion and has been frequently recognized for her efforts. Clare is probably best known for her podcast Wardrobe Crisis, which raises awareness about the environmental dangers of the fashion industry and empowers listeners to rethink their consumption choices.

Laura Wells

Laura Wells is an environmental advocate and science communicator with an impressive resume. She holds degrees in both Biology and Law, qualifications in Environmental management systems and is currently studying a Diploma of Paramedical Science. She uses her education and her platform as an international model to champion environmental campaigns and echoes these to a wider audience. Check out her Instagram to learn more about climate-concerned organizations and resources for making green changes in our everyday lives.

Erin Rhoads

Erin Rhoads is a tireless author, blogger, and activist who’s on a mission to live a more environmentally-conscious lifestyle. Since 2013, she’s been chronicling her journey to reduce plastic and waste on her popular eco-living website, The Rogue Ginger. She’s also spread her message of zero-waste living as a consultant on ABCs War on Waste, along with co-founding Zero Waste Victoria, Plastic Bag Free Victoria, and Cash For Containers. To get started on your own low-or zero-waste journey, check out her book Waste Not Every Day for easy ways to lower your carbon footprint every day.

Mimi Elashiry

If you’re an Instagram user, there’s a good chance you already know model, style icon, and self-made Instagram star Mimi Elashiry. She uses her platform to shine a light on the wastefulness and harmful practices of the fast fashion industry and encourages us all to think before we buy. The young environmental advocate has even been named an ambassador for Adidas Australia, who has partnered with Parley for the Oceans to transform ocean plastic pollution into stylish sportswear.

Sarah Wilson

Australian author and minimalist Sarah Wilson knows a thing or two about sustainable eating. Her role as the host of MasterChef Australia—the most-watched show in AU history—led her to found the I Quit Sugar movement, after which she published an astounding 15 sugar-free cookbooks. The latest, Simplicious Flow, is the world’s first zero-waste cookbook. She’s a staunch Mother Earth devotee and regularly blogs about the importance of living a low-waste lifestyle. To get started on your own eco-journey, check out her super helpful post 8 Bits of Plastic You Can Quit Right Now.

Hannah Klose

Hannah Klose knows all too well that one truckload of clothing is being burned or landfilled every second. In fact, it’s the inspiration for her Instagram account, Never Ever Pay Retail. The thrift store queen takes to social media to illustrate why secondhand shopping is the most eco-friendly way to curate your wardrobe. Her mission is to help us all become part of the solution, not the pollution–and to do so with style. Visit her blog to browse lookbooks, ‘thriftovers’, and where you can score the same eco-friendly steals.

Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar

In a world of one-click shopping and delivery services, Kirsten and Nick of Milkwood are a breath of fresh, clean air. The husband-and-wife duo run Milkwood, a permaculture website dedicated to a holistic worldview and living in harmony with nature. For thirteen years, they’ve been offering DIY resources and courses, from mushroom cultivation and beekeeping to holistic management and permaculture design. These green-minded conservationists are dedicated to sharing and teaching skills that help us “live like it matters” wherever they can. That’s why the Australian-based team now offers online courses, too! Visit their Instagram to get started on your very own permaculture journey.

Jennifer Nini

Eco-influencer Jennifer Nini is on a mission to inspire and educate others toward positive environmental action. The writer, activist and certified organic farm owner is the founder of Eco Warrior Princess, a media brand that’s dedicated to “redefining what it means to live green.” As both a resource and a community, the multi-contributor website explores and illuminates issues such as sustainable living, social justice and ethical fashion—and all in a smart and insightful way. Visit Eco Warrior Princess or check out Jennifer’s Instagram to join the revolution of smart, stylish Mother Earth activists.

Kira Simpson

This self-described “sustainability activist and climate optimist” is also the founder and editor of The Green Hub, an inspirational website covering all things sustainability and lifestyle. Kira is a big believer that effective environmental change comes from small, incremental steps. She’s open and honest about her own personal journey—and setbacks!—and inspires us all to start living more mindfully in small ways that make sense with our lifestyle, and without sacrificing the things we love. Head to The Green Hub for sustainable fashion & lifestyle guides that help you live a kinder and greener life.

Simon J Hill

Simon Hill is the voice and inspiration behind Plant Proof. The website and podcast are both an educational resource and community for fit and active individuals who are interested in pursuing a plant-based diet—and how to do so in as healthy a way possible. Plant Proof is full of helpful information, from recipes and reviews to in-depth interviews with health experts and doctors. Tune in to the podcast to learn about plant-based foods and heart disease, how food affects our brain health, and more.



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