TOP’s 9 French Eco-Warriors Saving the World


By: Lauren Pezzullo

France is a well-known leader in the fight against climate change. The country was the very first to ban supermarkets from destroying unsold food, for one. France has also harnessed the power of sustainable energy— a farm of hydro turbines near the Rhône river generates enough power for 400 homes. Young French influencers are using their voices—and their social media platforms—to raise awareness and galvanize the masses to adopt a greener lifestyle. Keep reading to learn about a few of our favorites.

1. Louise Descamps / @aliaslouiseblog

This young osteopath and mostly-vegan eco-fashionista is, in her words, “on a mission to prove that sustainable can be fashionable.” Her Instagram and blog—featuring beautifully warm photography and her casually vintage style—are proof of that. She interviews French designers of upcycled fashion, discusses the importance of choosing cruelty-free and sustainable material, and highlights loads of eco-responsible brands and products. For inspiration, check out her blog posts on eco-friendly coats for winter or biodegradable vegan bags made from wood leather.

2. Holly Rose /

Writer and environmentalist Holly Rose dedicates her Instagram and blog to “encouraging relationships of reciprocity with all living things.” With a philosophical and often poetic voice, she tackles issues such as agroecology, regenerative farming, and the intersectionality of climate, ecological and social injustice.⁣⁣ Holly educates and informs in beautiful prose, incorporating an authentic sense of humanity and history into news-worthy environmental issues. To get inspired, check out her beautiful post, What Trees Can Teach Us About the Politics of Belonging.

3. Chloe Tesla / @chloe_tesla

As a model for French fashion brands, Chloe Tesla might be first recognized for her familiar face, but she’d rather be known for her advocacy for animal welfare. A self-proclaimed “anti-speciesist,” she’s vocal about cruel practices in the meat and dairy industries. She urges viewers to consider humane alternatives and more conscious consumerism in the worlds of food and fashion. Check out the whirlwind of vegan recipes and restaurants around the world on her Youtube channel, or head to her Instagram page where she makes cruelty-free fashion look downright cool.

4. Louise Follain / @louisefollain

Parisian model Louise Follain is known for her stunning good looks and down-to-earth down to earth style—but it doesn’t stop there. When she’s not walking the runways, she’s doing her part to prove that the beauty cosmetics industry—one of our biggest polluters—doesn’t have to be cruel or harmful to the environment. Louise has teamed up with eco-friendly cosmetics store La Bouch Rouge Paris. Together, they’ve launched a cruelty-free lipstick that comes in 100% reusable and eco-friendly packaging, with no micro-plastics or beeswax. For every lipstick sold, 100 liters of water are donated to the charity “Eau Vive International.”

5. Manon Quinti / @happynewgreen

Manon, Instagrammer, and creator of the fashion-conscious blog Happy New Green, is on a mission to help make fashion choices more ethical and sustainable. Her guiding principle is to avoid overconsumption—especially when it comes to fast fashion, which is incredibly destructive for the planet. She advocates for making more mindful choices, such as shopping secondhand and choosing eco-focused brands that incorporate sustainable materials and responsible practices. You can get started on your journey to low-impact fashion by checking out her directory of slow fashion brands.

6. Julie MPL / @juliempl

Julie is another sartorialist making waves around the world with her sustainably-minded fashion blog. Her Instagram is a fashion dream come true, filled with photos of her casually sophisticated style—and all from ethical, eco-friendly brands and designers. Best of all, she makes it as easy as ever to choose eco-responsible fashion—you can even shop her looks piece by piece here.

7. Maison Minimaliste / @maison_minimaliste_zerodechet

Maison Minimaliste is the ultimate tour guide for your journey toward a low-impact lifestyle. She advocates for a less-is-more principle, showing us how to be green in all areas of life, from personal hygiene and diet to fashion, shopping, and more. Her Instagram is full of tips and easy lessons for waste-free living, making it simple and accessible for all. Check out her quick lesson on how to compost and a DIY recipe for eco-friendly laundry detergent.

8. Melanie Lily / @lilyfairly

Melanie is another eco-warrior who wants to help you get started on your low-waste journey. The popular Instagrammer puts the planet first in all areas of life, from diet and fashion to beauty and travel. Check out her blog for simple tips and easy-to-follow instructions on making your life more simple and green.

9. Chloe Vichot / @ancolienyc

Chef and sustainable food activist Chloe Vichot is on a mission to “save the world one jar at a time.” She’s the co-founder of FreshBowl, a line of vending machines that dispense reusable glass jars full of fresh produce. By rethinking our food choices, she proves that convenience can still be healthy and environmentally responsible. The glass jars can be reused at home, or even returned to the vending machine for a discount on the next meal. Her Instagram is full of creative and delicious ways to use food waste—check out the apple-skin crisp here to get started or find a @myfreshbowl near you.

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