The Oxygen Project’s Holiday Eco-Gift Guide


With the holidays quickly approaching and the fate of our planet in danger, many of us are wondering how to celebrate this season while avoiding overconsumption and minimizing waste. The Oxygen Project put together our top picks for eco-friendly gift-giving this season, and we’re highlighting some of our favorite small businesses too!

The Gift of Experience

When it comes to eco-friendly and low-waste holidays, things can get a little tricky. I always try to make sure that my gift won’t go to waste. There is value in gifting something that someone needs, but I also see value in gifting experiences. With so many things in our world gone virtual this year, there’s no limit to the number of digital experiences being offered. Maybe your fitness fanatic best friend wants a subscription to a workout app or a month’s worth of classes at their local yoga studio. Perhaps your outdoorsy boyfriend wants to go rock climbing or on a camping trip. Experiences are a sure-fire way to make sure your gift doesn’t go to waste!

Educate Your Friends & Family

Another great holiday present is the gift of education. Do you have a friend who has been wanting to learn more about what she can do to protect our planet? Gift some of our favorite eco-lifestyle books listed below. Pro tip: Get the books on Kindle to save trees!

101 Ways to Go Zero-Waste by Kathryn Kellogg
Zero Waste: Simple Life Hacks to Drastically Reduce Your Trash by Shia Su
The Guide to Sustainable Living or My Essential Vegan: A Guide to Plant-Based Recipes by Blue Ollis
All We Can Save by Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson
Rise & Resist by Clare Press
Youth to Power by Jamie Margolin
Taking on the Plastic’s Crisis by Hannah Testa

Minimize Waste

For your friend who’d always rather be underwater, gift a trash collection bag handmade of reused materials to pick up plastic litter and become an ocean cleaner. The bag attaches to your hip or calf while you’re scuba diving for easy access!

Know someone looking to change up their daily habits? Bite offers toothpaste bits and bamboo toothbrushes that make protecting the planet as easy as brushing your teeth.

Pela offers phone cases, AirPod cases, smartwatch bands and more that are 100% biodegradable.

Sustainable Style

For your girly best friend that loves getting dolled up with a conscience, check out this eco-friendly jewelry from Lifestyle with a Conscience, or these handmade earrings by climate activist, Tori Tsui.

Don’t forget the slow-fashion collection, Maya’s Ideas for hats, scarves, bags, hair accessories, vintage clothing and more!

Save the Ocean

Looking to bring some good vibes to your new apartment? Gift The Oxygen Project’s ocean-inspired album, Deep Blue on vinyl. (The album is also available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. 100% of the proceeds go to The Oxygen Project’s ocean conservation efforts to fight against destructive deep seabed mining.)

Plus, photographer Ben Thouard, who donated his talents for the cover art of Deep Blue, is selling some truly out-of-this-world ocean photography prints.

Eco-Warriors Around the World