Eco-Warrior Profile: Join Valeria Hinojosa’s Online Revolution


As our planet continues to tackle climate change, an army of eco-warriors has risen from all corners of the globe.

These environmental comrades have each carved a place of their own in this green fight: some support renewable energy, others advocate for a switch to plant-based diets, a few are experts on composting and recycling, a handful teach us all about upcycling and DIY. The list goes on. But there are few people that do it all — and Valeria Hinojosa is one of them. 


A former private banker, this Bolivian powerhouse left her corporate job the day she got a juicy promotion. “The salary was great, but the industry wasn’t aligned with my values or passions,” Hinojosa explained. “I felt disconnected from my soul, so I left banking to recreate myself.”

Her newfound mission would be to protect nature. She founded Water Thru Skin, a holistic platform where Hinojosa shares easy tips and recommendations to change our customs and develop a sustainable lifestyle that’s both beneficial to us and Earth. 

From vegan recipes to yoga and meditation exercises, seed germination tutorials, and non-toxic home decor, her blog and Instagram account are the ultimate resources for those of us wishing to minimize our negative impact. She also believes in supporting small-scale entrepreneurs through her company Lifestyle with a Conscience, where she sells sustainable and fair-trade products and recycled jewelry made by artisans in Bali. 

Most people might think of influencers as having a worry-free life where everything is handed to them easily, but that’s not the case with Hinojosa. Her efforts reach beyond posting a beautiful picture. In 2019, she raised $200,000 in 30 days through her platforms to aid Bolivia in their fight to tame the wildfires that consumed over five million hectares of the Amazon forest.

“As I saw the worldwide donations pouring in nonstop — from $25 to thousands of dollars — I understood the power of social media, consciousness, and collaboration,” she said. 

While some activists are out on the streets yelling to be heard, or writing boisterous claims on their digital platforms, Hinojosa always resorts to kindness and compassion to share her message, meeting her audience halfway, encouraging them to change step-by-step.

“I believe in the power of collective transformation; our biggest weapon against the climate crisis is not only sharing scientific information but also action,” she noted. “Change starts at home. We must reshape our daily habits into more conscious and sustainable ones.”


From the moment she wakes up in Miami Beach where she resides, Hinojosa shares all sorts of valuable information for those looking to transition to a healthier, eco-friendly way of life. From making oat-milk at home or repurposing an old wine box (turning it into a no-frills yet useful bookshelf), to highlighting racial injustices and advocating for women’s rights, she works staunchly around the clock, committed to inspiring others to make a difference. 

Although she’s regularly connected — hopping from live videos to TV interviews, online panels, and digital webinars — Hinojosa always finds time to go to the beach, hang out with Blue and Coco (her rescue dogs), and tend to a growing number of plants that decorate her home. “I have 33 plants and trees of all sizes,” she said, proudly pointing out that she propagated most of them from one original pothos cutting. 

Her green thumb and passion for the flora and fauna are indicative of Hinojosa’s connection to Bolivia, a place where she wants to eventually retire. “I’d like to build community gardens, orchards, and sustainability education programs in underserved neighborhoods of my country, empowering locals to grow their own food and make an income selling fresh, organic produce instead of the GMO crops that are flooding the market.”While the day Hinojosa moves back to South America is on the horizon, she continues to work for her nation through The Yindah Foundation, a non-profit organization assisting indigenous communities. 

In the meantime and from the distance she’ll continue to share her journey with like-minded people, visualizing a future where we all become better humans. 

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