Eco-Warrior Profile: Holly Rose Talks Regenerative Agriculture


By: Annie Shea

Earth activist Holly Rose grew up in a unique household. Holly’s mother raised her “in a faith that was built on respecting the earth, and a lifestyle that mirrored that respect.” Let’s take a minute to applaud that! Thank you, Holly’s mom, for recognizing our planet’s basic needs and passing that mindset to the next generation.

Holly told us, she “does her best to honor that idea of Sacred Ecology, which only really exists today in the indigenous peoples and cultures that we whites haven’t erased.” If you’re now asking yourself, “What is Sacred Ecology?” Read on.

Sacred Ecology examines the knowledge of indigenous people and explores how we can use this knowledge as a complement of scientific ecology. In other words, Sacred Ecology allows indigenous people to lead by example through lifestyle to make our planet more sustainable.

The biggest climate change solution Holly is pushing for? Regenerative Food Systems. “Everyone should have access to healthy food, produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods. This should be considered a basic human right in the country we live in, as well as the countries we import our food from.” When asked what aspect of climate change she thinks isn’t talked about enough, Holly replied, “I think we spend a lot of time talking about what we eat and buy, but not enough time talking about how what we eat and purchase is grown. Each and every product we purchase is made through a combination of ingredients, each coming from the Earth, and we don’t ever think about that story, not the true cost of our purchases.” Good point, Holly!

She recommends getting involved in your community as a way to make a positive impact on our planet. Especially in enhancing food sovereignty through local community gardens, orchards and farms. “It is one of the most effective things you can do, protecting soil and water, reversing global heating, protecting and creating jobs, reducing poverty and hunger, regenerating biological diversity, restoring natural ecosystems and the health of our culture as a whole.” In short, hit up your local farmers market!

Holly runs her Instagram account with almost 25K followers, as well as her blog HollyRose.Eco, where she writes “in a way which enhances [her] reader’s nature relatedness, encouraging relationships of reciprocity with all living things.” There is a poetic nature to her online voice. But she is also “currently looking for funding for a project called GatherGrounded.Eco, which will cover the story, seed-to-home, of every ingredient in regenerative farms across the UK.” Oh yeah, did we mention she’s based in England? “At the heart of the beast who created the Industrial Revolution to begin with.” She hopes that moving back there to work in grassroots action and political reform is the best way to take responsibility for what her ancestors have done.

Anyone else feel inspired? Thank you, Holly, for your commitment to a healthier planet through education and reform. You truly are an Eco-Warrior!

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