TOP 5 Instagram Eco-Warriors Fighting Climate Change in Latin America


From historic droughts in Chile, to the Amazon’s “irreversible” damage, to a 30% reduction in Peruvian glaciers, and 84% of Mexican fisheries in danger, Latin America is extremely vulnerable to climate change. Some estimates calculate the damages from climate change to the region to approach $100 billion by 2050. Latin America is considered the developing world, but the region’s economies have invested heavily to meet their commitments to the Paris Accord. Beyond the politicians and businesses, there’s a growing awareness about the effects of climate change among the people, partly thanks to the creative and passionate work of some seriously inspiring Eco-Warriors on Instagram. Below are five profiles we highly recommend you follow.

1. Helena Gualinga – Ecuador

Helena is a “daughter of the First Uprising,” and a member of the Sarayaku community in the Ecuadorian Amazon. She’s also a global voice for indigenous rights and the protection of the living forest. Her Instagram feed is a window into the lives of the peaceful and nature-loving indiginous people of Ecuador.

2. Xiye Bastida Mexico

Xiye grew up in San Pedro Tultepec, embracing the Otomi indigenous belief that if you take care of the Earth, it will take care of you. Today, Bastida, 17, a high school senior, is one of the strongest and most effective voices in the youth climate movement. She believes there is no climate justice without social justice.

3. Juana Ringeling – Chile

Juana is an actress and activist from Cachagua, Chile that was chosen as an official spokesperson for the COP25 Climate Summit. In 2008, she, together with her family and other concerned neighbors, created a non-profit to protect 65 hectares of a local pristine forest from a major real estate development. Thanks to their collective efforts, the real estate project was rejected by a popular vote. Today El Boldo is a gorgeous public park protected for its biodiversity and frequented by eco-tourist from around the world.

4. Eyal Weintrab – Argentina

Eyal is a self-described “climate militant” that was inspired by the massive student mobilizations that demanded climate justice. Together with a schoolmate, he founded Jovenes Por El Clima (Youth for Climate Change) in Argentina, which recently hosted COY15, an event with training activities and practical workshops with the aim of deepening knowledge about Climate Change. He believes there can be no climate justice without social justice and fights to support feminist, indiginous and student inequalities that he believes are the rights of all people.

5. Ilan Zugman – Brazil

Zugman is an environmental activist and an organizer for the NGO Latin America, an international entity that seeks to discourage investment in fossil fuels.

The Oxygen Project created an interactive map where you can explore the far-corners of the world through the lens of climate change. Visit to learn more.

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