TOP’s Most Follow-Worthy Eco-Warriors in Africa

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July 14, 2020
By: Lauren Pezzullo

By: Lauren Pezzullo

Sub-Saharan Africa faces some serious ecological threats, including deforestation, land degradation, biodiversity loss, and extreme vulnerability to climate change. Still, the region—which is home to an enormous proportion of the world’s natural resources and some of its most essential species of wildlife—also holds massive potential for environmental conservation and sustainable change. It all starts with none other than Africa’s very own eco-influencers. These young voices are doing their part to educate and inspire the world to reduce our collective environmental footprint. Keep reading to meet our top 10.

Adjany Costa


Adjany Costa studies the wildlife of southern Africa like it’s her job—because it is! The conservationist and ichthyologist also serves as assistant director for National Geographic’s Okavango Wilderness Project. This means she gets to explore and survey the Okavango River Basin— one of the world’s last wild places and home to one of the world’s largest populations of elephants— to protect its vital ecosystem. Follow her on Instagram to see stunning photos of her conservation efforts among the wild African landscape and its wildlife.

Joshua Asiedu


Mother Earth ambassador Joshua Asiedu truly walks his own path. The Youtuber, author, and life coach is on a mission to live off the land and exist in harmony with nature—and he wants to help others achieve this, too. Joshua is an avid traveler, exploring the people, customs, and lands of the world, while he searches for the perfect spot to pursue his dream of creating a self-sustainable eco-village. Check out his Instagram or travel blog to follow along on his journey, or sign up for one of his life coaching programs, including a fully immersive experience to live in the wild.

Silindokuhle Shandu


This young, stylish Instagrammer uses her platform to show that sustainable can be fashionable. Her mission is to inspire others to more conscientious about what they wear, where it comes from, and how those choices affect the environment. Silindokuhle has partnered with thrift._club, an online thrift store that makes it easy to shop secondhand—and therefore, sustainably—no matter where you live.

Banji Chona


Banji Chona is an artist of many talents. As a writer, creative director, and digital curator, her focus centers heavily around the cultural preservation and celebration of her native Africa. It’s also embodied in what she makes with her hands. As a sustainable designer, Banji has created Nkanda, a line of environmentally-friendly accessories and clothing, all ethically sourced and crafted. Check out her blog or shop her stunning eco-friendly creations here.

Jay Anstey


At just 29 years old, South African model and actress Jay Anstey is already a veteran actress in the film industry, with countless credits to her name. But the self-described “Earth lover” is just as passionate about making mindful choices that create a kinder and healthier planet. The forward-thinking vegan takes to Instagram to educate and inspire, sharing why a plant-based diet is the single best way to reduce one’s environmental footprint. Follow her to find out how you can make a positive impact on the planet by making some small and simple changes to your diet.

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