TOP 5 Eco-Warriors to Follow in the U.K.

1 month ago 3 min read
July 6, 2020
By: The Oxygen Project

Unlike the United States, the United Kingdom got the message about climate change. In 2017, the island nation had its first full day without coal-fired power since the Industrial Revolution, and last year it announced plans to phase out coal-powered plants entirely. The country’s shift towards renewable energy is paying off for the environment – 2019 was the country’s greenest year yet!

As you might expect, the U.K. is also a hotbed for climate activism, housing some of the most forward-thinking eco-warriors in the world. These young influencers are taking to the streets, as well as social media, to encourage, motivate and inspire the world to lead a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Frankly, there are many worthwhile accounts to follow on Instagram, but we thought we’d share five of our favorites.

Madeleine Olivia – @madeleineolivia

How to Simplify Your Life and Live Sustainably, isn’t your typical guide to minimalism, it also happens to perfectly sum up Madeleine Olivia. The tireless YouTuber, blogger, and author has made it her life’s mission to inform others on the simplicity of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Her blog covers an array of topics, from plant-based recipes, DIY beauty tips and insightful ways to practice self-love for a happier, healthier life. Olivia has also amassed an impressive following on Youtube with simple and easy-to-follow videos on minimalism with videos like 25 Surprising Ways to Save Money by Going Green. And if that wasn’t enough, her latest book “Minimal” was released this week on January 9th, 2020.

Jill Matthews – @jillematthews

Jill Mathews combines a love of nature with incredible style! Since 2016, she’s used her platform to highlight eco-focused fashion brands and document her travels around the globe. She also started a blog called Sutton + Grove along with her husband, Luke. Together, they create content that features sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly products as well as some helpful tutorials on how beginners can get started on their journey towards a more conscious lifestyle.

The Little Litter Pickers – @thelittlelitterpickers

The Little Litter Pickers have gained massive support for their laudable work toward cleaning up our planet. From streets, parks, and beaches, it seems like they never rest—utilizing their kaleidoscopic Instagram profile to showcase the importance of cleaning up plastic no matter where you are. In 2019, the group gained even more fanfare among the environmental community by becoming the year’s recipient for the Environmental Champions Award. Their infectious goodwill is now motivating others around the world to do the same. Who knew picking up litter could be so stylish?

Tolly Dolly Posh – @tollydollyposh

Tolly likes to define herself as an ethical and sustainable fashion activist. Her mission is to inspire others to be more confident in themselves and more conscientious about what they wear. She’s a young activist and artist who creates eco-friendly gifs and illustrations that focus on environmental justice and climate action.

Lizzie Carr @lizzie_outside

Lizzie Carr is an eco-adventurer on a mission to rid the ocean of plastic. She’s the founder of Plastic Patrol – a global community cleaning up the planet one piece of plastic at a time. So far, the group has collected over 263,459 pieces. They have also developed an app for users to photograph pollution in nature, document how much they can collect, post the impact they have created on an interactive map, and finally share that impact with their community. With more than 60 countries around the world affected by the movement, Lizzie is doing more than her part to ensure our planet stays clean and green.

You probably have several more eco-warriors you think we should’ve been highlighted in the U.K. We’d love to hear who you’ll be following in 2020 so we can feature them in future posts. Leave their names and Instagram handles in a comment below and we’ll do our best to reach out to them and highlight their efforts.