Top 10 Eco-Warriors on Instagram Conquering Europe


From planting hundreds of millions of trees in Ireland, to free rides on public transportation in exchange for recycled plastics in Italy, to moss that grows on concrete to absorb CO2 in Spain, Europe is leading the way on climate change. Behind those government programs, are thousands of young voices using their social media platforms to influence millions on how to combat climate change. With every post, story, and status update, they’re showing just how big of an impact one person can have. At The Oxygen Project we salute these eco-warriors. Here are our Top 10.

Luisa Neubauer — @luisaneubauer


Member of Alliance 90, Green Youth and leader of the #FridaysforFuture youth climate movement — Luisa uses her platform to show young activists the power of mobilization. She’s boldly standing on the front lines of policy, and pushing for government compliance with the Paris Agreement to combat climate change. Luisa has also been featured on TED, where she said, “I dream of a world where geography classes teach about the climate crisis as this one great challenge that was won by people like you and me.”

Immy Lucas — @sustainably_vegan


Immy Lucas, otherwise known as “sustainably vegan,” is charismatic about how awesome living sustainably can be. A blogger, youtuber and the founder of the “Low Impact Movement,” Immy is dedicated to teaching others how to live on less and minimize stress. Utilizing simple yet effective DIY strategies, she showcases how it’s possible to live sustainably through small, daily steps that can lower your carbon footprint and save the planet.

Livia van Heerde — @liviavanheerde


22-year-old Livia van Heerde is a blogger, environmental science student and author who lives for a sustainable, ethical and vegan lifestyle. She shows passion not only for our planet, but also for human rights. She promotes a number of charitable organizations, and provides resources for others on how to mitigate climate change in our everyday lives.

Elizabeth Farrell — @glacier996girl

United Kingdom

Elizabeth Farrell is single-handedly changing the culture around climate change. Known by her heroine-esque alias “Glacier Girl,” Farrell is introducing the climate crisis to forth-coming generations through a somewhat unorthodox, alternative form of environmental activism. She places herself right in the midst of melting glaciers to show the very real and raw nature of climate changes’ effects on our planet.

Blue Ollis – @blueollis

United Kingdom

An earth lover with a knack for promoting a sustainable lifestyle through diet and fitness, Blue Ollis is the author of “My Essential Vegan” and “The Guide To Sustainable Living.” Her content centers on the assessment of our daily waste consumption as well as how we can reduce and reuse. Blue continues to refine and spread her message through the creation of groups such as “Tribe Blue,” which brings together like minded individuals to help them on their journey toward sustainable living.

Wendy Graham — @moralfibresblog

United Kingdom

“Hip, not Hippie” is the phrase used by UK blogger Wendy Graham which perfectly explains her approach to climate activism. With her blog, Moral Fibres, Graham highlights sustainable living from the perspectives of beauty and fashion, home and gardening, and food. She’s dedicated to helping others find their path to being sustainable humans with easy to follow tips on how to conserve resources.

Tatjana Franz —


A geography student and lifestyle blogger who made it her mission to live free of plastic waste,Tatjana uses her platform to shine a light on sustainable dieting and eco-fashion. And if that wasn’t enough, she promotes the benefits of “tiny homes.”

Anna Masiello — @hero_to_


Anna Masiello lives for zero waste! Her instagram is chock-full of tips on how easy it can be to eliminate trash from our lives. She’s also an avid nature enthusiast, providing insights on the benefits of being present in nature and its major health benefits.

Johan Ernst Nilson — @johanernst


Johan is a born adventurer. The swedish explorer and producer has embarked on a journey around the globe, spreading his influence as an ambassador for non-violence and climate activism. He has completed 28 expeditions in over 100 countries, giving lectures about motivation and environmental awareness. In 2008, he produced a project titled Seven Summits Climate Neutral to document his adventures on his first Climate Neutral climb on Everest. Johan has spearheaded efforts in advocating against global warming and has dedicated part of his advocacy to the protection of endangered species. He raised 6 million dollars for his cause in 2017.

Great Thunberg — @gretathunberg


Finally, a young lady whom needs no introduction, Greta Thunberg (also known as “G-money” to no one except this particular writer) has set the world on fire, invigorating an entire generation of young people to take action. Known for her blunt, no nonsense approach, the 16-year-old Swedish activist garnered international attention with her strikes in front of the parliament building in Stockholm.

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