Scuba Sarah Takes Action as an Ocean Eco-Warrior 


Sarah Gauthier spends as much time in the depths of the ocean as she does advocating  its protection. Her dedication has won her the name Scuba Sarah, as she teaches conservation through tourism.

The Oxygen Project first took note of Sarah in 2018, when she dove within all seven continents to raise ocean awareness and the effects of climate change through the perspective of her own underwater goggles. Known for her blog and videos, she is a professional scuba instructor living in Germany.

While teaching students to dive in the Cayman Islands, I would dive up to four times a day,” Sarah wrote in December 2019 “I got to know the area so well that we gave pet names to sharks with recognizable features and I would use certain sponges or corals as a reference point when guiding people under the water.  Unfortunately, I could also see how the environment was degrading.”

The coral was losing its color, slowly dying, and plastic would become a regular occurrence on every dive, she recalls.At first, she felt helpless. Then she decided she could do something. “I wasn’t an engineer or a scientist that could find the solution to plastic or pollution, but I had something special and powerful, something that everybody has – a voice,” says Sarah.

And here’s where her story makes a 180 degree turn. 

“I wanted people to fall in love with the oceans, and if I could do that, then they will want to help protect them,” Sarah explained, so she shares the magnificent underwater world through her images..

“Show the beauty. There is already so much content that highlights the polluted images of the oceans. I wanted to use a positive approach that showed what we have and why it’s worth saving.”Her methods are particularly effective when she speaks with children. “I want to show them that’s a shark or that’s a Nemo or whatever it is. And then I ask them if they want to see those fish for themselves? And usually they’re like, yes, yes. And then after, when I explain that, for example, plastic is not good, it resonates with them more.” 

Sarah acknowledges that people may be unsuccessful if they decide to live a zero waste life overnight. She encourages people to take small steps first, becoming aware of how much plastic they use and reducing it every day. That includes the easiest things, like using a reusable coffee cup and carrying reusable utensils and straws with you – always. 

The Oxygen Project included Sarah in Most Inspiring Eco-Warriors Fighting to Save the Ocean. Recently, in TOP’s first Instagram Live, Vasser Seydel connected with this French Canadian scuba instructor/eco-warrior and took a “deep dive” into her commitment to making a difference.

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