Old Electronics to be Turned into Medals for 2020 Tokyo Olympic


At the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, organizers have taken the environmentally-friendly route by using recycled electronics, such as used mobile phones, to create the Olympic and Paralympic medals.

In the two years between April 2017 to March 2019, 158 million pounds of discarded electronics were collected from all over Japan. According to reports, approximately 71 pounds of gold, 7,700 pounds of silver, and 4,850 pounds of bronze were extracted from the gadgets, amounting to 100% of the metals that are needed to create the distinguished awards.

Tokyo organizers hope that their commitment to sustainability will raise the bar for future Games, and spark a transition to a low-carbon future.

“We hope our project to recycle small consumer electronics and our efforts to contribute to an environmentally friendly and sustainable society will become a legacy of the Tokyo 2020 Games,” the organizers said on their website.

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