Holland Bus Stations Get an Eco-Friendly Facelift


Honeybees in Utrech, Holland can now eat as much pollen as their little stomachs desire after the roofs of 316 bus shelters were covered in grass and wildflowers.

These green, low-maintenance oases act as safe-havens for bees. They also help to absorb rainwater, trap fine dust from the air, and provide an all-natural AC to combat the city’s grueling summer heat. Plus – they’re easier on the eyes than your standard urban bus stop.

Utrecht, which is located in the center of Holland and is the country´s fourth-largest city, is also planning to add 55 new electric buses to its public transport system by the end of 2019. The city aims to achieve “completely clean public transport” by 2028. Authorities plan to use electricity from these windmills to power the public buses.

And these aren’t the only initiatives the Dutch government has in place as it tries to improve the country’s air quality. Utrecht also has a scheme for its residents which encourages them to apply for funding to turn the roofs of their homes into gardens.

Sounds like a great idea! Does your country have any interesting schemes to encourage clean air or improve biodiversity?

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