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Eco-Warriors Are Getting Younger By the Minute: Everyone, Meet Little Dante

First the world met Greta Thunberg with her #FridaysForFuture message. She put the world`s leaders to shame at the United Nations with her powerful speech, which sparked a debate and a massive civil movement across the globe. And now, Chile has its own young climate change campaigner in the form of little Dante.

Dante Vergara is a petite 11-year-old boy from Chile, dressed in a suit jacket and shirt - minus the tie. He addressed the UN General Assembly for the protection of the environment recently as part of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Children´s Rights Convention.

“I want to ask that all countries officially recognize the right for a healthy environment: clean air, a stable climate and for healthy biodiversity,” said Young Dante with his head just about peeping over the stand where he was giving his speech.

Dante´s interest in the environment and climate change was ignited from his love for entomology – in other Words the study of creepy-crawlies. No one knows better than young Dante that small things can often have a huge impact.

As he put it in his speech, “my motto is that to protect nature, we must know it. Thus, I became a small communicator who seeks to get the word out there for the environment, participating in science activities, educational and cultural programs, and this year, spreading the word for climate action as an ambassador for COP25.”

“It is us who are going to inherit an increasingly sick world. Without a healthy environment, all our rights are threatened. Climate change has no borders and affects all living beings in the same way, so the problem must be faced by everyone,” he urged.