Eco-Warrior Profile: Nayana Premnath Discusses Low-Waste Lifestyles

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July 15, 2020
By: Lauren Pezzullo

By: Lauren Pezzullo

Meet Nayana Premnath, low-waste guru, and Youtuber extraordinaire. It was only a year ago that she came across some eco-minded warriors on Instagram who inspired her mission to adopt a low-waste lifestyle. She quickly took action and now dedicates her days to the fight against climate change. Nayana is the creator of a popular Youtube channel that focuses on simple ways to rethink our consumption choices. From busting myths about a zero-waste lifestyle to offering greener alternatives for our home and personal hygiene products, Nayana’s content is full of helpful tips and encouraging challenges that make transforming our daily habits easier than ever.

We sat down with Nayana to talk about why overpopulation is a touchy but crucial part of the climate conversation and how environmental concerns are being handled in her home of India. Here’s what she had to say:

Tell us about yourself and what you do outside the sphere of climate change.

Outside of the sphere of climate change, I have used the skills that I’ve gained as a Youtuber to work as a freelance voice-over artist and video editor. I also try to attend talks and workshops on any sustainable topic.

As a global village, whats our biggest opportunity to reverse climate change?

I do not believe there is one change that we can make to reverse climate change. It has seemed to accelerate in the last couple of years. There are plenty of matters we should ideally be looking into. One is family planning, which is a way to curb the population growth that serves as a primary cause of resource depletion. Another is restoring the destruction we’ve already caused to our forests and oceans. These are two of the most important ways we can tackle climate change. If we are able to restore the health of the environment, that would certainly have a positive impact on our world. Lastly, funding research for the creation of sustainable alternatives is important. Greener alternatives can replace a lot of harmful materials we use in our daily lives and offset the harm caused by a lot of large companies.

If you had a million dollars to donate to a cause, which would it be?

I would spend the million dollars on both forest and ocean restoration.

What aspect of climate change do you think isn’t talked about enough?

Overpopulation. It’s a very sensitive topic and subjective to different beliefs and cultures, which is why its a topic that not many people talk about. But population is a reason our natural resources are being depleted faster every year. So, if there would be more conversation around family planning, and more people were aware – it would have a tremendous impact.

Are you working on a specific project that you’d like the world to know about?

I’m working on multiple ways to tackle climate change by using my interest in a low-waste lifestyle at the micro-level. I’m hoping to start by reaching out to communities and spreading awareness on the different things each individual can do to create the changes we want.

How is climate change approached in your country? The good, the bad and the ugly.

In India, there are some regulations that have been put in place to curb climate change. Electric vehicles have seen a boost in popularity – companies are working to make them easier and more accessible for all customers. The bad would be deforestation. In spite of massive protests against it, the government has turned a blind eye and has found ways to go ahead with it. The ugly is that the Ministry of Environment has removed the need for environmental clearances for exploratory drilling done by oil & gas agencies in coastal areas. This was done recently and its been a shock to the country, because this could have some major environmental impacts on the

sea and marine life.

Who would be on your list of the top eco-warriors on Instagram?





Was there an event or cause that compelled you to fight climate change?

There wasn’t a singular event or cause, but even before I officially adopted a low-waste lifestyle, I followed some of its values. And in 2018, my home state of Kerala was hit by heavy floods after over two decades. After the flood receded, the amount of waste was so extraordinary. I was stunned to realize that all of it originated from the land and sea. Though at the time, I was practicing a low-waste lifestyle without knowing it, I didn’t have the courage to change my behavior completely. But in early 2019, I came across a couple of Instagram profiles of inspiring women who were following this lifestyle, which was the trigger for me to completely dedicate my work to fight for climate change and sustainability in all industries.

As an environmental ambassador, Nayana is empowering the masses to make choices that are kinder to our planet and the species who inhabit it. Best of all, she’s one of the many young voices who are inspiring generations to live more sustainably. Check out our blog to meet other eco-warriors who are motivating positive change all over the globe.