Cut Down Your Carbon Footprint With TOP’s Plant-Based Eco-Warriors


Living a plant-based lifestyle may be the single best way to help the environment. According to a study at Oxford University, eating a vegan diet reduces your carbon footprint by 73%! Global meat and milk production are responsible for 60% of agricultural greenhouse gas emissions. That’s a BIG impact. If you’re looking to save the planet beyond reducing flights or driving an electric car, you may consider living a vegan lifestyle. Not sure how to get started? These plant-based influencers will show you how:

1. Ellie Bullen

With over 750K Instagram followers, you may already be familiar with Australian influencer Ellie Bullen. The 25-year-old vegan nutritionist and dietitian shares delicious, healthy, and sustainable vegan recipes on her blog, like spinach ricotta stuffed shells, rainbow buddha bowls, and chocolate peanut butter protein balls. (Anyone else getting hungry?) The mama-to-be also has a Youtube channel with day-in-the-life videos, her plant-based skincare routine, and travels around the world. Elsa has also written 2 books: The Global Vegan and Elsa’s Wholesome Life that include more than 200 delicious vegan recipes.

2. Ella Mills

Having started her blog all the way back in 2012, Ella Mills, better known as Deliciously Ella to her 1.7M followers, is an OG foodie and one of the first plant-based influencers to make a living online. Her book, Deliciously Ella boasts over 100 easy, healthy and totally-yum vegan recipes with the slogan, “make vegetables cool.” The British mama posts brightly colored, beautiful images of her plant-based recipes on Instagram and Youtube. From creamy coconut porridge sprinkled with goji berries to crispy corn fritters dolloped with avocado mash, if you’re looking for vegan recipes, Deliciously Ella is a great place to start.

3. Nisha Vora

Self-described “food-loving, travel-loving lawyer-turned-foodie living in Brooklyn, New York,” Nisha Vora is all about the Rainbow Plant Life. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Nisha started expecting a career in corporate law. But after two miserable years, she quit law and decided to backpack around the world for 6 months. “It was the best decision of my life, and it opened my eyes to the importance of living my life with adventure, laughter, and authenticity.” On the way to creating her happiest life, the former lawyer decided to go vegan. She started her own Instagram and Youtube channel where she features a rainbow feed of delectable plant-based recipes and tips on living a happy, healthy lifestyle.

4. Jenné Clairborne

Featured in HuffPost Taste, Reader’s Digest, and Vegetarian Times, Jenné Clairborne is certainly among the best of the best when it comes to delicious plant-based meals. Originally from Georgia (now living in Los Angeles), Claiborne runs her blog, Instagram, and Youtube channels under the name of Sweet Potato Soul – which also happens to be the name of her highly rated plant-based cookbook. With recipes stretching from dreamy oat milk chocolate mousse tart to sweet potato shepherds pie, if you’re looking to up your plant-based meal game, Sweet Potato Soul is the place to look.

5. RG Enriquez

If you’re a fan of Filipino food, but still want to be environmentally health-conscious, Astig Vegan is for you. The blog was created by RG Enriquez, a “vegan Filipina who believes that Filipino food can be vegan, healthy, and delicious, without losing its soul.” You can guarantee that the food is authentic in flavor too, since Enriquez grew up in the Philippines until age 15, at which point she moved to the Bay Area of San Francisco. All of her dishes get a stamp of approval from her mother. She also has a Youtube cooking show, where she walks her viewers through all the steps of making the perfect plant-based Filipino dish. If meals like Kare-Kare peanut stew and mango coconut popsicles sound as delicious to you as they do to us, you’ll definitely want to check her out.

6. Rose Lee

Want to go plant-based but feel like you don’t have the time or funds? Cheap Lazy Vegan is for you. Born in South Korea and raised in Canada, Rose Lee was determined to show the world that vegan food can be cheap, lazy, AND delicious! On her site, she offers 3 e-books including a guide on how to go plant-based. Her Youtube channel, which has over 600K subscribers, includes delicious recipes like mukbang vegan burgers & fries, mac & cheese grilled cheese, and Korean army stew. You can also check her out on Instagram where she has stunningly decadent images of her day to day recipes.

7. Jessica Hylton Leckie

Jessica Hylton Leckie, aka Jessica In The Kitchen, has mastered the concept of simple, approachable recipes that also happen to be vegan (and mostly gluten-free!) With dishes like sweet and sour tofu, banana bread mug cake, or vegan Thai red curry, you’ll always find something that hits the spot. Check out her Youtube and Instagram as well for step-by-step walkthroughs of how to make the dishes delicious.


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