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Eco-Warrior Profile: Blue Ollis Coaches the Sustainable Lifestyle in the U.K.

Blue Ollis is making waves in the UK as an advocate for a sustainable lifestyle. As a Youtuber, blogger, and author of “The Guide To Sustainable Living,” Blue has amassed a huge following on social media by promoting a minimalistic lifestyle and by teaching others how to monitor their daily consumption.

Her nutrition and fitness coaching are also attractive to like-minded individuals who aim to accomplish personal growth and self-love.

“Every post is designed with clean, simple, green living in mind,” she says.

We spoke briefly with this eco-savvy lady to hear her thoughts on climate change and ask what we can do to take daily action:

Tell us about yourself and what you do outside the sphere of climate change.

My name is Blue and I run digital platforms dedicated to intentional living through mindfulness, sustainability, social justice, radical self-love, holistic wellness and lots more.

Was there an event or cause that compelled you to fight climate change?

The accumulation of all of the information I’ve gathered through my life has led me to take action wherever I can to make the world we live in better for all and the future open for future generations of all life.

As a global village, what’s our biggest opportunity to reverse climate change?

We all eat around 3 times a day and that’s something we all have access to making changes to. It just so happens that animal agriculture (meat and dairy) is also the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, ocean dead zones, water pollution, habitat destruction and species extinction. So here we have a fairly simple and easy solution for most people to make the biggest impact on the planet… eating plant-based.

What aspect of climate change do you think isn’t talked about enough?

The oppression of it for those living in places where climate change is hitting first and hardest, those living in poverty without the means to protect themselves from it’s devastating effects and those who are born into bodies not like ours who are being killed by the billions because of and for climate change.

If you had a million dollars to donate to a cause, which would it be?

I’d give it to animal sanctuaries who need money for more land, vet bills, food, shelter, water, bedding and equipment for the increasing number of non-humans being reduced or dumped.

How is climate change approached in your country? The good, the bad and the ugly …

Extinction Rebellion and Animal Rebellion are helping raise awareness about this emergency and putting pressure on our government for system change to be able to do something before it’s too late. As far as the response, the public has joined and welcomes the force for good, a force for the people by the people, and the government are so far trying to dismiss or outright ignore it.

Are you working on a specific project that you’d like the world to know about?

Always. I create YouTube videos, ebooks, blog posts and short-form content on Instagram to help people make the switches they can to live more mindfully and connected. You can find me at Blue Ollis on any of these platforms. I’m also going to be offering one-on-one coaching in 2020 for anyone who wants or needs greater input and personal guidance to help them with more specific challenges, a transition to a plant-based diet, coping with going vegan in a non-vegan world, setting perusal goals, going zero-waste… anything you need support with!

What are our chances of reversing the effects of climate change?

We currently have the opportunity to act now and save our home, even bringing it better health than we’ve seen in our lifetimes, but this opportunity is going to be short-lived and we must act immediately and all together if we want to save us.

Where do you see the most hope?

In the people. Those of us who are making daily changes and keeping ourselves educated to know more and do better each day. There is such passion and emotion in the air at the moment, which is exactly what we need to make a difference.

You can read more about this UK-based earth lover on her blog https://www.blueollis.com/about.