6 Celebrities and Their Surprising Stances on Climate Change


By: Livia van Heerde

1. Jeremy Clarkson

While the British celebrity is known for insulting Greta Thunberg and voicing his skepticism on climate change, he may have turned a new leaf. During the filming of the car show “The Grand Tour,” Clarkson uncharacteristically acknowledged the climate crisis when he came across a disappearing lake on a trip to Cambodia. In the segment, he shared his view on climate change, saying he believes in its existence and the fact that it is human-caused. Still, he displaces the responsibility to resolve the crisis onto scientists – further proving that climate action isn’t his responsibility.

2. Meat Loaf

Singer, actor and climate change denier? The 72-year old Rocky Horror Picture Show star, Michael Lee Aday, called “Meat Loaf,” publicly criticises Greta Thunberg on Twitter and outed himself as a climate science denier earlier this year.

3. Jane Fonda

If you thought only young people spend their Fridays demonstrating on the streets for climate justice, you thought wrong. The 82-year old actress leads an ongoing rally called “Fire Drill Fridays,” where she demands climate action from our political leaders. Her peaceful demonstrations have even resulted in her and her fellow protestors being arrested or detained by local law enforcement. Jane Fonda is a great example of a celebrity using fame to raise awareness for an even greater cause.

4. Victoria Jackson

The former SNL star joined the club of climate science deniers when she shared her doubts about human-caused climate change on The Howard Stern Show.

5. Joaquin Phoenix

The “Joker” star has been vocal about environmental issues for years and is known for animal rights activism. He supports climate change-related causes by joining Jane Fonda on Fire Drill Fridays (and getting arrested as well), starring in the short film “Guardians Of Life,” raising awareness for the Australian bushfires, and addressing climate change in his speech at the 2020 Golden Globe awards.

6. Anne Hathaway

The Hollywood actress is currently starring in the environmental thriller “Dark Waters,” which tells the story of an attorney’s battle over contaminated drinking water in West Virginia. She is also raising a zero-waste family and working to make film sets greener. With Hathaway’s star power, we feel way better about the future of our planet.

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